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2nd Thursday Club – Thank you to all those who attended

Thank you for all for joining us at The Second Thursday Club!

To all those who came on the 10th March to the inaugural meeting of the above, Paul McGerty, Dave Furnival and Kaye Whitby at McLintocks Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors, Natwest Bank and SAS Daniels LLP respectively, thank you for your time and hope you found it enjoyable.

For those who missed it due to other commitments, it was a successful evening with around 70 in attendance from the professional and business community of Chester. We hope can be carried forward to future events.

Hopefully if you are free for the next one, we would be delighted if you could join us for the ‘second’ meeting of the Second Thursday Club on the 14th April at The Commercial, Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HG.

Just to go over the principles of the event again, we must stress this is not a business meeting, merely a meeting of businesses with the intention to simply chat and relax in an informal environment. We want this to be a regular monthly event that brings the professional community of Chester together.

This is not ‘our’ club nor a platform to push ourselves or our firms forward – other finance and legal providers are welcome to come –indeed we want you to come with the more the merrier!

What we feel is important is that Chester advisors, and perhaps clients if you so wish, meet regularly on a friendly no-pressure basis to simply chat. This will help to ensure work stays in Chester and the ‘fee drag’ away to Liverpool and Manchester is minimised.

Further, there is no time pressure, free bar or prescribed format – if you need to leave after one drink, please do so as everyone has time and family commitments.

Whilst the first event was a success, please help keep the momentum going and do join us once more. Further, feel free to add your views if you think the event can be improved upon – we are open to suggestions to anything that makes the night more beneficial to local business community.

In summary:

  • Thursday 14th April, 5:30 onwards, The Commercial, Chester;
  • Informal meeting of the professional community of Chester to relax in a nice surroundings and wind down from the stresses of a working day; and
  • We hope to see you, your colleagues, your clients there.

Whilst this event is relaxed and informal, please do just email us back if you plan to attend just so we can let the kind people of The Commercial know how many to expect.

Thanks from Paul, Dave and Kaye at The Second Thursday Club