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HMRC Security Advice – What to look out for…

The increased use of electronic communications and online systems by HMRC, tax agents and their clients offers clear advantages for all involved in relation to speed and accuracy. But users must be aware of the risks of not being alert when it comes to security.

HMRC systems are continuously monitored, and while the utmost care is taken to to secure your details, it is also down to you to be aware of fraudulent activity. HMRC will never use email communications which ask for your online UserID or password, nor will they send notifications of tax rebates or ask you for personal information in this format.

So what should you be on the lookout for?

  • Someone observing your behaviour when accessing online systems, thereby obtaining personal login details;
  • Emails and other communications requesting your UserID and password for HMRC’s online services;
  • Malicious software which can be downloaded to your computer to record confidential information.

If you think you have received such communications, or are worried your personal information has been accessed in this way, you can contact us on 0845 6807800, or forward any queried emails to .

For more information speak to your McLintocks contact. Alternatively you can click here to access HMRC Security Advice.