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Government Launches Anti Red-Tape Website

In a bid to boost the private sector within the UK economy, the Government has established a website through which the business community can offer comments and suggestions as to which regulations within business compliance in the UK should be scrapped.

In recognition of the fact that form filling and admin tasks divert resources away from business-winning processes, the Government is looking for ways of reducing the greatest areas of administrative burden, and have asked for feedback from the UK business community.

First area of focus for the website is the retail sector, with other areas being scrutinised in the following months, such as hospitality, food and drink, road transport, fisheries, marine enterprises and inland waterways, and manufacturing. There will be a window of time when comments can be made on the site on a particular sector, after which government departments will have 3 months to deliberate suggestions and justify decisions.

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, said: “Some of these regulations are there for good reasons, protecting employees, businesses or the public. But some serve no purpose at all. That’s why this campaign is different to the de-regulation drives that have gone before. The onus is now on my fellow Ministers and I to justify a regulation, rather than on you telling us to do something about it.”

You can access the website to give your views here Red Tape Challenge Website.

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