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McLintocks are Tuffnutz – it is official!

After many minutes of training, the big day of the 4th March was upon us for the Tuffnutz 11 mile endurance race.

Richard Landsberg of the McLintocks Wirral office ably headed the team and was assisted in part by Paul McGerty.

Just so you know, this is no ordinary race. It involves carrying a log whilst completing a number of ‘tufftasks’ in the forests and coast line of Thurstaston – not the faint hearted.

Things did not look good at the start – whilst tying his shoe laces Paul tweaked his hamstring, pulled his back whilst standing up and then complained of dizziness………however, not one to moan (much), he soldiered on for the team.

Richard looked the professional athlete, dressed head to toe in lycra – a normal weekend for him! – whilst Paul donned the McLintocks top; anything for publicity!

The starter gun went and like a heard of gazelles on the prairie they were off….majestic in their strides.

The miles whizzed past and then the inevitable happened – the Wall!

Like real men they responded – moaning whinging and dare I say, perhaps shedding a tear or two – for next 9 miles completing the tasks such as carrying buckets of water, climbing up walls and crawling under nets with enthusiasm and vigour!

Despite the hardships above, the team was narrowly pipped to the post by the winning team – losing by a mere hour or so!

Richard and Paul are looking forward to next year already – although they are petitioning to get the race called ‘U Gotta Be Nutz!’