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McLintocks Rural Quiz

On Thursday 15th August we held a rural quiz at Denbigh And Flint Show And Food Festival!

The winner of the hamper for the Rural quiz was Margaret Doermer of Bersham, Wrexham.

Smarty count for the under 12’s winner was Ffion Smith, aged 7 (seen to the right).

The answers for the quiz can be found below:

Q) How many stomachs does a cow have?
A) 4

Q) Which one of a cows stomachs is the one where its food is finally digested?
A) Abomasum

Q) What colour is a Holstein Cow?
A) Black and white

Q) What is the fastest movement of a horses natural paces?
A) Gallop

Q) What colour is a skewbald horse?
A) Brown and white

Q) How do you tell the age of a horse?
A) By the length of its teeth

Q) What is the name of the smallest breed of pig?
A) Mini Maialino

Q) How many toes do pigs have on each foot?
A) 4

Q) What is a young goat called?
A) Kid

Q) What is the name for a baby Llama?
A) Cria

Q) On average how many eggs will a hen lay in a year?
A) 300

Q) Saddleback is a breed of
A) Sheep and Pig ( both answers are correct )

Q) What is the only mammal that constantly sings to their young while nursing?
A) Pig

Q) Which of the following is not farmed in the UK?
A) Ground Beetles

Q) Which tractor manufacturer has green bodywork and yellow wheels?
A) John Deere

Thanks to everyone who joined us!