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McLintocks Go International Again!

The 2014 annual golf trip to Marbella took place on April 10 to 13. This year 9 hardy souls were due to partake – though on the day, only 8 made it due to a passport mixup!

Mike Caputo, Steve Boyd and Billy Sumner opted to stay in the airport hotel overnight so had a couple of lemonades to get warmed up.

After a middle of the night 6 am flight we duly arrived on-time, sorted baggage and hire vehicles out and were soon wearily on our way to Santa Maria Golf outside Marbella. It was probably a mistake to let Mike drive a manual FIat Doblo as he noisily crunched his way through the gearbox on the way there. After a welcoming club sandwich Mike teed off first clearing the somewhat daunting lake in front of the first tee with surprising ease.There were one or two who didn’t ! The round passed quietly except for Neil Chaddock’s numb hand somewhat restricting his swing and raising his blood pressure and Ian Thomas rolling down a hill after ‘slipping’. Nothing to do with Dylan Jones of course ! John Curtis had perfected his baby fade during the round.

We were out within 15 minutes of checking in to our usual hotel ( surprising they let us return after nearly burning it down last year ) and traditionally met in a revamped Sinatra’s bar. On for a curry, where Dylan negotiated a banquet of everything they had. He was never seen again! Soon tiredness and beer hit us, and John Jones was the first to wilt and was put into a taxi back to the hotel, which worryingly was only in the next street.

Friday saw us with an early start to La Cala. Fantastic course but so hilly and watery .I think most of us lost our supply of golf balls. I think it would be fair to say that there was some abysmal golf that day, particularly from Mike. Anyway the San Miguel and club sandwich after were good. Hot sunny afternoon free, some slept, others made the pool and the rest hit the beach and marina. Night came and went after a tour of Puerto Banus ‘s finest bars and clubs. At some point during the evening we ate in an excellent Italian , having been duped into the promise of free beers, but not realising the starters were €20 each!

Saturday morning started with Mike unable to walk as his ageing knee had swollen. Fortunately he could still drive the Fiat though not a golf ball. Golf at Los Naranjos was a tad better though Billy was warned for slow play…he certainly talked a good game but we all enjoyed the extra chips later. On the way back we had a row with a Spanish policeman who was not impressed with John sitting in the back of the Fiat with the door open and his legs dangling out. Saturday afternoon and live sport down in the port beckoned and with Ian Thomas still claiming to be an Everton supporter ,we found his match. Night came and went . We ate in an Argentinian restaurant who tried to rinse us, but Dylan was on the ball and had the bill amended…upwards I think ! Some just about made it in by breakfast with tales to tell.

Last day and wearily off to the tight and water strewn Los Arqueros for the singles. Scores were fairly close before we started but in the end Steve’s semi-sober early night paid off and he comfortably won the money, with Ian second and Dylan literally came from nowhere to finish third. Yet another club sandwich and off to the airport via an unforeseen detour around Malaga for Mike’s car and home surprisingly without further incident, though Billy was last seen trying to throw his golf clubs off the airport hotel roof.